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Our Story


Born out of a desire to find authentic Egyptian food in London, Koshary Kitchen has brought a bit of Egypt to London, with our own twist.

‘Koshary’ is the National Dish of Egypt. It's a nifty fusion of rice, pasta, and lentils with tomato sauce, vinaigrette, and fried onion on top. ‘Koshary’ has been prepared at home or served at roadside stalls and restaurants all over Egypt for years. It is a dish enjoyed by people from all walks of life. ​


Koshary Kitchen aims to be recognised as a leading distinctive brand of fresh, homemade, quality Egyptian food with a healthy twist. We offer the classic version, protein-filled dishes, low-carb dishes, vegan dishes, and paleo dishes.

Our mission is to provide traditional and contemporary fresh Egyptian food to the British food scene. 

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